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The Peaceful Revolution: The Rise of Mindfulness in Education

The Peaceful Revolution: The Rise of Mindfulness in Education

Everyone comes under pressure at some point in their life, be it due to deadlines, exams or other unrelated issues, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that this pressure was being felt by some of the youngest members of our society. Due to the linearization of GCSE exams and the ever-increasing competition for top university places, high school and A-level students are under growing pressure to outperform their peers. Since the majority of us have no control over the curriculum that is taught, the best we can do is to encourage students to adopt habits that will help them cope under these circumstances. This is where the concept of mindfulness plays a major role.

Mindfulness is often described as the art of being self-aware and acknowledging one’s feelings whilst always remaining calm and collected. This practice, designed to help people manage their stress, is being employed across the UK in many educational establishments and is even having an impact in business. Many universities are offering mindfulness skills workshops in exam periods and some high schools have added yoga to their P.E. curriculum as an aide in combatting their exam-related stress. Some techniques encouraged by these workshops include breathing exercises, and some offer advice from psychologists on how to better one’s outlook on a potentially negative situation.
At Yipiyap, we believe that keeping a clear and focused mind is key for anyone, whether in an educational or a professional environment. For this reason, we are offering our tutors access to a mindfulness workshop so that they can be their happiest and healthiest during their time working with us, and understand the importance of mindfulness with regards to the students they teach.

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