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Colourful Primary support across the spectrum

We help those children who need extra support and those who need a challenge.

Often large, mixed ability classes at Primary level can result in children at both ends of the academic spectrum not being stretched as much as they might. yipiyap can provide support by offering one-to-one and small group sessions via extractions as well as support for teaching staff within the classroom. We have the tutoring resources that ensure all children can learn to their full potential.

Where Primary schools do not have a Maths specialist among the full time staff, introducing one of our specialist tutors can stretch the most able children with challenges, problems and puzzles adding a whole new dimension to numeracy. All our tutors love working with enthusiastic young children and your most able children will thrive on problem-centered work which will enrich their enjoyment of the subject.

In English, we can help children to develop a fluent and expressive reading style, improve vocabulary and spelling and write in an informative, entertaining and well-structured way.

We provide an appropriate level of support to children who need to reinforce the basics at KS2. A little one-to-one help at this stage goes a long way and children can swap round each half term so everyone gets a chance.