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On-the-level assistance

“The teacher does help, it’s just the teacher can’t always come round to you themselves, they have to tell you all on the board – whereas the tutor can come to you and actually tell you”

Tom, a Y9 pupil in a Warrington school

Building confidence at KS3 has a big impact on attainment levels as well as improving attitude and behaviour in class. The run up to GCSE is critical, however an enormous amount can be achieved by focusing relatively small resource lower down the school.

Ensure all of Y7 catch up.

Targeting students with lower-than-expected levels in Y7 ensures the basics are secure at the very start of secondary school and has been shown to lead to a significant improvement in attitude to Maths and, consequently, attainment levels in the subject.
Tutor support is a fantastic use of the Y7 Catch Up Premium, providing the contact time needed to deliver the individual attention required for improvement.

A stitch in time can save Y9…

Pupils who have been confident in Y7 can lose momentum as they progress through KS3.
Working with our tutors catches those Y8 or 9 pupils at the point when they are starting to fall behind which is invaluable in keeping them motivated in Maths – staying on track is much easier than getting back up to speed later on!

We work with any group of secondary school pupils to get them smiling about Maths again.