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Do we have to sign up for support for a full year?

Support works best when it is in place for the full year because there is continuity and commitment from both school and tutor which is ultimately best for your pupils.  Support for shorter periods can usually be accommodated but is charged at a different rate to reflect the flexibility of the arrangement.

Who will we get as a tutor?

Our tutors are high academic achievers and are extremely competent and confident in the subject they support.  We interview each candidate and check with schools to ensure our tutors are reliable, proactive and have the warmth of character we look for.  Where possible we arrange for your tutor to come into school before they start their placement.

I have reservations about the age of the tutors - what reassurance can you give that they are capable of the role?

We are incredibly choosy about the calibre of tutor we recruit.  They are academically able, cool young people who have very recently been in the same position as your pupils and this is precisely why the connection they can make is unique and why our support is so successful.  They are all destined for higher education and this aspiration is a powerful motivator for younger students.

Peer mentoring takes place in many schools and our support combines the strengths of both peer mentoring and private tuition in an effective and accountable way.  With direction from school and training and support from our team our young tutors create the perfect conditions to get the best from your pupils.