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Taking a year out?

There’s still time for you to apply for a place with yipiyap for this academic year. If you are interested, please submit a Tutor Application Form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Peer-to-peer support from yipiyap gap year tutors

Welcome to yipiyap.

For schools

If you’re a teacher looking for support to improve the grades of your students, help children who are struggling, need more of a challenge, or boost the performance of your class, our gap year tutors are perfectly positioned to provide the extra assistance you need.

We recruit the brightest and best young people to work with us – the advantage of working with yipiyap being that our tutors connect with students at their level, having been in the same position themselves so recently. Not traditional authority figures, they effectively engage reluctant learners and ultimately they are academically able, cool young people who naturally draw pupils to work with them.

We believe that nothing beats a conversation, so please give us a ring and find out what impact working with yipiyap can have on your results.
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For tutors

On the other hand, if you’re a gap year student who has a strong academic record, good people skills, bags of enthusiasm for your subject and are unfailingly proactive, we can offer a gap year opportunity like no other.

“Yipiyap appeals mostly, but not exclusively, to students who have not been successful in gaining places for Medicine or Dentistry. Usually they have got the grades but have fallen down at interview. They recognize, as do we, that the work they do with Yipiyap gives a huge boost to their confidence and self-presentation, so that they are much better interviewees second time round. For those who are not in precisely that position, the development of confidence and soft skills is still an invaluable asset to take forward.

In terms of personal development, it is one of the best possible gap years.

Patrick Thom – Head of Sixth Form, Manchester Grammar School

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Our Services

KS4 Maths

Providing support for Y11 with our tutors can significantly boost your Grade 4 – 9 percentage.

KS3 Maths

Building confidence at KS3 has a big impact on attainment levels as well as improving attitude and behaviour in class.


We see how peer influence helps students open up to assistance in groups and on a one-to-one basis.


We provide in-school tutor support at all levels in Science.


At Primary level we help both those children who need extra support and those who need a challenge.

Gifted and talented

At both Primary and Secondary level there will always be children who have abilities above and beyond those of their peers.

Y7 Catch up

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium gives schools additional funding to support Y7 pupils.

Alternative Provision

Yipiyap tutors are able to offer support to pupils who are at risk of exclusion.